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How do I check mobile broadband coverage?

Mobile broadbandBefore signing up to a mobile broadband service, check carefully what coverage you can get.

Just because you have good coverage on your mobile phone, doesn’t mean you will have good coverage on your dongle or device – even if it’s on the same network.

Our mobile broadband coverage tool  lets you type in the postcodes of places you will be using the service (e.g. home, work, college) to see how good the coverage will be.

Remember though that these websites are only guides and can’t give you an exact report of your expected coverage.

For example, you may have problems getting a signal if there is something which blocks your mobile signal e.g. a building between you and the transmitter.

One way of testing whether you can get a good signal is to use any cooling-off period offered by the provider to test the service to see if it works properly – if not you can get your money back. Check what the cooling-off period is before you sign up.