Internet Service

How do I know what broadband speed I actually have?

It is important to ensure you are benefiting from the broadband speeds for which you are paying your supplier.

It is fairly easy to test your broadband speeds. Ofcom accredited price comparison sites,, and Simplifydigital all have speed checkers.

They test your download and upload speed and allow you to compare this to the service you should be receiving.

Ofcom also has a Mobile and Broadband Checker where you can check the quality and coverage of mobile and broadband services by postcode.

Ofcom has a voluntary Code of Practice on broadband speeds that most suppliers have signed up to.

Click here for more information on the code

If you think that your ISP has not provided the information you are entitled to under the Code of Practice, please let us know.

We do not investigate individual consumer complaints. However, we record and monitor complaint levels. If we identify an area of concern we may raise the matter with the management of the company directly.

The information you provide will be used for monitoring purposes. We will not respond to you about your individual complaint.

You can also watch Ofcom's video on how to improve your broadband speeds.

Updated: September 2015