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What is a ‘Tag on the Line’?

Telephone exchangeWith more people on-line than ever before, the broadband market is introducing bigger and better deals to attract consumers to their services.

Where a consumer already has a broadband service with another provider, in most circumstances changing to another company should be straight forward utilising either the ‘Gaining Provider Led’ or ‘Cease and re-provide’ processes.

However, under some circumstances (such as a brand new connection), consumers may find that they have a ‘Tag on the Line’.

A tag is created when a broadband service is connected at the exchange. Without this, a service will not be able to be provided to your line.

Once the service is cancelled, arrangements should be made to remove the tag so that another company can provide services.

However, this does not always happen and the tag can remain at the exchange. Until this is removed, consumers are unable to get a connection with another provider

How can I get a ‘Tag on the Line’ removed?

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