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How can I get a ‘Tag on the Line’ removed?

Computer browserUnder Ofcom regulations, broadband providers have to do their upmost to assist with the migration of services. This includes removing a tag which may be left on the line.

A tag is created when a broadband service is connected at the exchange. Without this, a service will not be able to be provided to your line.

Once the service is cancelled, arrangements should be made to remove the tag so that another company can provide services.

However, this does not always happen and the tag can remain at the exchange. Until this is removed, consumers are unable to get a connection with another provider.

Ofcom has issued guidance to the industry which gave the gaining broadband supplier the authority to clear the line.

Your new broadband provider is best placed to investigate and fix the underlying cause of the tag.

If necessary they can liaise directly with BT Wholesale/Openreach to have the tag removed. This is normally completed in 10 working days.

In some instances, your new broadband provider may need your assistance in helping to remove the tag.

This may require you to contact your old provider or arrange for an incompatible product (not necessarily related to an internet service) to be removed from your line.

If the gaining broadband provider is unwilling to investigate the reasons for the tag, you may wish to consider an alternative provider.

Who do I email or call??

Service Provider contact details for some of the major suppliers are as listed below:-

BT (consumer)

BT (business)


Sky Broadband

Virgin Media



All other Service Providers can be reached via their normally published customer service contact details

Updated: July 2015