Online Safety

How can I avoid having my identity stolen?

Man outside with laptopThere are a number of simple initial steps you can take that will significantly increase your online safety.

These are a good starting point:

  • use a spam filter – this will reduce the likelihood of phishing emails finding their way to your inbox;
  • use an up-to-date version of your browser, which should include functions to warn you of phishing threats or disreputable websites;
  • take great care with your personal and login details. Don’t divulge them unnecessarily, either online or in the ‘real world’;
  • use strong passwords, consisting of combinations of letters and numbers, upper and lower case;
  • don’t give away unnecessary information on social networking sites. Even your date and year of birth can be of use to an identity fraudster.

For more information on staying safe online, visit the Get Safe Online website.

Get Safe Online raises awareness of internet security, and helps individuals and smaller businesses in the UK to use the internet confidently and safely.