Online Safety

What are ‘phishing emails’ and how do I recognise them?

Phishing is a practice in which people receive emails purporting to be from their bank, building society or other financial institution.

The emails typically include a fabricated reason for you to forward your online banking details to the sender, either by replying to the email or by being forwarded to an online form.

You should never be approached by your real bank or building society to send your account details via email or over the phone.

Therefore you should treat any requests of this type with extreme caution and inform your bank of any attempts to obtain your data.

Ofcom supports Get Safe Online – a joint initiative between the Government, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, and public and private sector sponsors.

Get Safe Online raises awareness of internet security, and helps individuals and smaller businesses in the UK to use the internet confidently and safely.

You can learn more at the Get Safe Online website.