Online Safety

How safe is internet banking?

Man with laptop and credit cardInternet banking is generally a safe online activity, provided you avoid phishing scams and adhere to the safety and security recommendations from your bank or building society.

Phishing involves fraudsters sending out emails that appear to come from a bank or a genuine company.

Often the email says the customer needs to `update’ or `verify’ their account information and urges them to click on a link from the email.

But this link will take them to a bogus website and customers will be asked for their personal security information which criminals can then use to access their accounts.

But there are simple ways to ensure you bank safely online.

For example, you should only access online banking by typing the bank’s address into your web browser – never go to a website from a link in an email.

Keep all personal information and card numbers secret and be wary of unsolicited emails or calls asking you to disclose them. Remember, your bank would never contact you to ask you to disclose Pin numbers.

You should also make sure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software and a firewall installed.

For further tips about internet banking, go to the Bank Safe Online website