Online Safety

How can I stop spam emails?

Family with computerMost widely-used email clients automatically forward spam emails to a dedicated spam or junk email folder so they do not appear in the inbox.

They do this by using systems that identify the sender or the email’s content.

However, if spam email finds its way to your inbox, you should be able to instruct your email client to treat it as junk email.

This should ensure that future emails from the same sender should not arrive in your inbox.

The key thing is to avoid replying to, or forwarding spam emails.

Many spam emails are sent using automated systems, and replying to an email will notify the system that your email address is valid.

This can in turn trigger future activity and expose you to further unwanted emails.

You can learn more and get online safety tips at the Get Safe Online website.

Get Safe Online is a joint initiative between the Government, the Serious Organised Crime Agency, and public and private sector sponsors.

It raises awareness of internet security, and helps individuals and smaller businesses in the UK to use the internet confidently and safely.