How do I reduce the amount of ‘junk’ mail I get through my door?

There are opt-out schemes available to help reduce the amount of unwanted mail you receive as follows:

Addressed mail:

For mail that is addressed, you will need to contact the Mailing Preference Service to remove your address from mailing lists:

• Address: Mailing Preference Service, DMA House, 70 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SS.
• Telephone: 020 7291 3310
• Email:
Please note that it can take up to four months for your address to be removed from some mailing lists.

Unaddressed mail / leaflets:

If you wish to stop unaddressed mail or leaflets that are delivered by Royal Mail to your home then you will need to send your name and address to:

Royal Mail Door-to-door opt-outs
Kingsmead House
Oxpens Road

Alternatively, email your name and address to 

Royal Mail will  then send an opt-out form to your address, which you must sign and return to verify that those resident at the address have requested the ‘opt out’. Once you’ve returned this form, Royal Mail should stop delivering unaddressed items to your address within 6 weeks.

The opt-out will last for a period of two years from the date Royal Mail received your opt-out form. If you wish to continue your opt-out after the two-year period you can do so by completing a new opt-out form which can be obtained by contacting Royal Mail via email at or via telephone on 01865 796964, or at the address above.