What can I do about my mail if I will be away from home for a while?

Keepsafe is a service whereby Royal Mail holdscustomers’ mail for up to 2 months at their local delivery office while customers are away from their home or business premises.

Royal Mail will deliver it once the Keepsafe ends. More details can be found here and here.

There are some items which will still be delivered, for example;

  • Royal Mail will not hold mail for people not on the Keepsafe form unless stated by the customer.
  • They will hold recorded delivery items for 1 week only and special delivery items for 3 weeks; after this time these items of mail will be returned to sender. Customers will be notified of these items via a ‘While you were out Card’ through their letterbox
  • Royal Mail will also not hold perishable items. Such items will be returned to sender.
  • If customers want to cancel their Keepsafe early, this must be done in writing; no money will be refunded in the event of early cancellation. Customers cannot pick their mail up from the Delivery Office.