I am not happy with the time that my mail is delivered, what can I do about it?

Royal Mail determines its own collection and delivery times.  Collection and delivery times are not regulated by Ofcom.

However, Royal Mail is required to notify Ofcom of any changes to its latest delivery times and to publish the changes on its website. 
Royal Mail aims to complete deliveries by 3pm in urban areas and by 4pm in rural areas. 

Deliveries are scheduled to be completed by these times and Royal Mail endeavours to maintain this every working day, but daily volume variations, transport disruptions and operating issues mean that there may be some occasions when these times are not met.  

If your deliveries are consistently later than the specified times you should address your complaint to Royal Mail at:
• Royal Mail Customer Service Centre
PO Box 740
Glasgow   G22 6WW
• Tel: 03457 740 740
• Email:

If it is necessary for you to receive mail at a particular time of day, Royal Mail offers some additional services, details of which can be found here.