Services and Billing

As a business customer, what can I do if there is a fault on my line?

If there is a fault or breakage on your line, it can have a serious impact on your business. Your service provider is responsible for ensuring that faults are rectified.

If your service relies on BT's network, your service provider will report faults to Openreach, the division of BT which installs and maintains telephone and broadband connections, and will be responsible for ensuring that Openreach rectify any faults. 

You should contact your own service provider in the first instance to report any faults, having first checked that your own equipment is in working order.

Your service provider may guarantee that faults will be repaired within a certain period of time from the point at which you report them. You should check your contract to determine what standards apply.

You may also be entitled to some form of compensation if your fault is not repaired in line with these standards. However, you'll need to check the specific fault repair and consumer redress policies of your retail provider. If in doubt, you should ask your provider for further information.

Since 1 July 2014, Openreach has been required to meet minimum performance standards set by Ofcom. However, Openreach is a wholesale telecommunications provider and does not provide these services directly to consumers and businesses.