Services and Billing

I’ve had to cancel my service whilst in contract for reasons out of my control, should I have to pay a charge for this?

Money with calculatorIn many cases, it is likely that early termination charges will still be payable, though they should be set at a fair level following our guidance.

This is because when consumers enter into contracts with suppliers they make certain commitments.

Occasionally, there may be circumstances in which consumers are unable to fulfil those commitments, and they may need to terminate a contract before the minimum period has elapsed.

If the contract and any early termination charges are fair, the supplier may insist on consumers fulfilling their commitments or paying the charges.

This does, of course, work both ways.

If the supplier is unable to fulfil its own commitments, it may be required to pay compensation to consumers.

If you think there are special circumstances in your case, discuss it with your supplier.