Services and Billing

Are there any sources of funding for the equipment I need?

Cost can act as a barrier to ownership of accessible equipment for many disabled people. Here is some information about sources of funding for accessible equipment.

In the workplace: Access to Work can help to fund the cost of equipment or alterations to existing equipment needed in the workplace, for example, accessible phones.

At home: Disabled people are entitled to a community care assessment from their social services department, and social services can provide equipment such as accessible mobile phones - increasingly, social services are providing direct payments so that people can buy equipment of their choosing.

Government guidance says that local authorities should try to complete assessments within 28 days. The law sets out in general what social services departments must provide, but local policies and resources will influence the services that are available locally.

Local authorities cannot refuse to assess your needs if you are disabled, and if you are assessed as needing a service according to the local eligibility criteria, then social services must provide that service.