Services and Billing

I’m moving house and my provider wants to extend my contract for another 12 months – are they allowed to do this?

man looking at billFollowing the end of an initial minimum contract period, most contracts will continue indefinitely until either the consumer or the supplier terminates it - in which case the minimum notice period will apply.

However, there are a number of circumstances which will trigger the commencement of a subsequent minimum contract period - either during the initial minimum contract period, or after it has ended.

For fixed line, broadband and pay TV, the main triggers are upgrading/downgrading the service level and moving house.

In our view, a subsequent minimum contract period – like one that applies when a consumer moves home - is likely to be fair where:

  • the terms explaining the events (such as a decision to upgrade or move house), that will trigger a requirement for a subsequent minimum contract period are transparent to consumers in the contract at the point of sale;
  • the terms say the supplier will make it very clear to the consumer that a new minimum contract period will apply, and the length of it, at the time the consumer is considering changing the service or moving home;
  • and the costs incurred by the supplier and the benefits to the consumer are in line with the subsequent minimum contract period.