Services and Billing

How much does it cost to make a text relay call?

The relay service is free at the point of use.  The cost is paid by the telecoms providers.

The phone call on which it is used is chargeable, but disabled users are entitled to a special tariff to compensate them for the additional time taken by relay calls.  This reflects the fact that all their calls are likely to be made using the relay service.

Fixed line providers generally meet the requirement for a special tariff by applying a rebate to chargeable calls on which text relay is used. Calls that are included in an unlimited bundle are already zero-rated so will not attract a rebate.

Mobile providers generally meet the requirement by zero-rating text relay calls made by their disabled customers.  This is because mobile calls are usually purchased in bundles, e.g. 100 minutes per month.  Because there isn’t a per-minute charge for these calls, it is difficult to apply a rebate.

Calls that do not attract a rebate typically include directory enquiries, international directory enquiries, international calls and calls to revenue sharing numbers (i.e. where the telecoms provider will be passing most of the cost of the call to another party).

The Deaf Access to Communications campaign has published some useful information about the different providers’ policies. Click here for more information.