I have difficulty getting to my phone when it rings. What can I do?

If you cannot easily reach your fixed line telephone because of your disability, there are a number of things you can consider:

  • Moving the phone to a location where it can be reached more easily
  • Using a cordless handset rather than a handset with a cord.  Some cordless handsets have additional features to make them more accessible, such as amplification, inductive couplers (which work directly with a hearing aid to give a clearer sound) or large buttons
  • Cordless phones can be purchased with two or more handsets that than be placed within easy reach, without the need for additional phone sockets.  You can also buy handsets with nuisance call blocking
  • Increasing the number of rings before your calls go to voicemail or to an answering machine
  • Using caller display so that if you do miss a call, you can see who it was from.

If you are troubled by nuisance calls, there is advice in our guide to tackling nuisance calls and messages.