What is Ofcom’s role in relation to fixed-line mis-selling?

Woman on phoneTackling mis-selling remains an important priority to Ofcom.

In March 2010 Ofcom introduced strengthened regulations (for residential and small business customers) designed to protect consumers from the risks of mis-selling and slamming of telephone services. These regulations were further strengthened in June 2015 extending the rules to mis-selling and slamming of broadband services.

The rules, called General Condition 22:

  •  prohibit inappropriate sales and marketing activity and slamming;
  • sets out the type and level of information that needs to be made available to new customers both at the point of sale and after the sale has been concluded (but before the service has actually been transferred). This includes providing important information about the key terms and conditions of the service, including contractual liabilities and cancellation rights;
  • specifies record-keeping requirements for sales and marketing activities, and customer consent to enter into a contract
  • sets out rules to make clear when providers are allowed to cancel orders placed by other providers. Cancelling orders for purposes other than those expressly specified by the regulations will be prohibited.

How you can help us tackle mis-selling

Ofcom actively monitors compliance with these rules through our  monitoring and enforcement programme which allows us to take action against companies who do not comply with the regulations.

Ofcom also speaks to phone companies regularly. The data we collect from them about mis-selling also helps us decide whether an investigation is required.

Consumers also continue to play a vital role in helping us tackle mis-selling.

Although we can’t investigate individual cases, your complaints can lead to us launching investigations and ultimately to us taking action.

By working with us to tackle slamming, you can help bring about much wider benefits for millions of consumers and ensure that others don’t fall victim to this problem.

I have been mis-sold a service and want to complain to Ofcom

Updated: September 2015