Where can I buy a hearing aid compatible landline phone?

Telephones for use on a fixed line can be analogue or digital. You may see the acronym DECT, which stands for digitally enhanced cordless telephone.

If a phone is described as 'hearing aid compatible' then it has an inductive coupler, which works directly with a hearing aid to give a clearer sound. To use the inductive coupler your hearing aid has to be switched to the ‘T’ (telecoil) setting.

As with mobile handsets, the number of DECT phones that work well with hearing aids switched to ‘T’ is small, but there are some available.

If you use a search engine to search for “hearing aid compatible DECT” and restrict your search to the UK, you should find a range of models and suppliers, both commercial and charitable.

If you are a deaf person buying a specialist handset for your own use you should not need to pay VAT - your supplier will be able to advise you.