What about using an international SIM in my mobile handset?

Man on mobileIn addition to checking the different roaming tariffs offered by your usual mobile operator, it is worth looking at international SIM offers from other companies before you travel.

You can buy an international SIM in the UK, which gives access to special tariffs when you travel in many different countries.

To access these tariffs, you need to swap your usual SIM card for the international SIM card when you travel. You need an unlocked mobile handset to do this.

Overall, the offer that is best for you will depend on your mobile use when abroad. 

Remember that if you change your SIM you will not be able to access any contacts saved on your usual SIM card – check if you can save contacts to your handset instead. Also, remember that if you change your SIM, you will change your phone number.

So that people can still reach you on your usual number when you are travelling, check whether your mobile operator can forward calls made to your usual number.  If that service isn’t available, check whether the new number is a UK phone number or an international phone number, and whether that would affect those calling you.

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