What are malicious or nuisance calls?

Woman receiving silent callMalicious or nuisance calls can have a big affect on those who receive them.

Whether from people you know or from a complete stranger, this type of call is a criminal offence. If you receive such a call you should:

  • Tell your phone company as soon as you receive a malicious or nuisance call.  It doesn’t matter whether you know the caller’s identity or not.
  • Phone the operator (100 from a BT line) and ask for the number of your phone company’s nuisance or malicious calls team.  Then tell the team that you have received a malicious or nuisance call.  Tell the team what the caller said.
  • In some cases, particularly if the caller is threatening, your phone company will advise you to call the police.
  • If the caller is making direct threats to you or your family and you believe those threats to be real and immediate, you must call 999 straightaway.
  • If you believe that the threats made are not immediate, then you should call your local police station.
  • You may be offered ‘anonymous call’ rejection from your provider which should prevent these kinds of calls in the future (ask your provider if there’s a charge for this service).  However, this may block some calls you might want to continue receiving, such as calls from overseas.

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