What is Next Generation Text Relay?

All landline and mobile providers are required by Ofcom to make a Next Generation Text Relay service available to their customers.  Next Generation Text Relay has a number of advantages over the previous text relay service, including:

  • faster, more fluent conversations
  • the ability to use it easily on the move
  • regular-looking telephone numbers for deaf users  

You can read our consumer guide about NGTR here.

 The new service officially launched on 6 October 2014, six months after than the deadline of 18 April 2014 that had been set by Ofcom for its introduction.  You can read our statement about this here.  The delay was because of technical problems relating to emergency calls, which have now been resolved.  Ofcom has opened an investigation into BT’s compliance with its obligations to its customers under General Condition 15 in relation to Next Generation Text Relay. Further information about the investigation can be found here.