Does Ofcom sell equipment to block nuisance nuisance calls?

Ofcom does not sell or provide call blocking equipment and we are not affiliated with any commercial organisations that provide call blocking services.

However, we’ve recently been made of someone trying to sell these devices and claiming to work for Ofcom.

This is a scam and you should ignore it.

If you want information on call blocking devices you may wish to look at advice by Which? available here.

Ofcom has no affiliation with Which? and the provision of this link should also not be taken as an endorsement of its findings.

Ofcom also has a comprehensive guide which explains the different types of nuisance call and message and includes advice on what action you can take to protect yourself and who you can complain to.

It’s been recently updated to include extra information on how you can protect yourself from nuisance calls and messages.

We also have an online portal which helps consumers submit complaints to the appropriate regulator.