How will ITV regional news changes affect Freeview viewers in Sheffield?

ITV has recently changed its regional news programmes in some areas of the UK,
including Yorkshire.

Separate Calendar News programmes are now provided for
the north and south of the Yorkshire ITV area. Because the new Calendar News
programmes each cover a smaller, more targeted area, viewers in Yorkshire should
benefit from local news programmes with more locally-focused stories.

Viewers in Yorkshire do not need to do anything for these changes to take effect.
However, many Freeview viewers in and around Sheffield can pick up signals from
several different transmitters, and the version of Calendar News you receive will
depend on which transmitter your aerial is pointing towards.

If you live in Sheffield you will continue to get local news about Sheffield in both of
the Calendar news programmes. But if you would like to watch Calendar North news
and your TV is picking up Calendar South news (or vice versa), you may be able to
make changes to your aerial to change the service you receive.

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