I think there is too much offensive language on TV. Is there anything I can do?

Remote with TVThe Broadcasting Code sets standards for television and radio shows which broadcasters have to follow.

These rules not only exist to protect viewers and listeners but also to ensure broadcasters have the freedom to make challenging programmes. 

For example, broadcasters can transmit provocative material, such as offensive language, sex scenes and violence.  But if they do transmit such material they have to ensure it is editorially justified and, where appropriate, the audience is given appropriate information.

Ofcom frequently conducts research on attitudes to a range of potentially offensive language, in order to continue to inform our understanding in this area. This research informs our application of the Code.

Ofcom does not watch or listen to programmes before they are broadcast. If you would like to complain about a programme that has yet to be broadcast, you should contact the broadcaster directly.

If the programme has been broadcast and you have concerns about it then you may make a complaint to Ofcom.

You can complain using the complaint form on the Ofcom website.