What should I do if I have reception problems on my satellite TV?

Static on TVSatellite TV does not rely on an aerial.

Possible causes of reception problems include bad weather such as very heavy rain or snow. This can sometimes affect satellite TV systems but should end when the weather clears.

A fault in the satellite company’s equipment could also cause problems, as could a faulty connection between your satellite set-top box and the wall socket, or between the set-top box and your TV set.

The problems could also be caused by a problem within your TV set itself or from interference to your TV from another electronic device in your house.

Try turning off your set-top box at the mains, waiting for 30 seconds, then turn it back on again. This will often fix problems such as loss of sound or picture. If that doesn’t work, try unplugging all connections, then plugging them back in again.

If the problems continue, speak to your satellite TV company.

The BBC is responsible for investigating complaints of interference to domestic radio and television reception. The BBC’s diagnostic webform will provide you with more information and enable you to ask the BBC to investigate the problem.

If, following the investigation by the BBC, there is evidence of interference caused by something outside your control and which is unlawful, the BBC may refer your case back to Ofcom for possible enforcement action