What is suitable for TV broadcast?

Woman watching TVOfcom understands that people may have concerns about programmes on TV or radio. It is important that we know audiences’ opinions.

The Broadcasting Code sets standards for television and radio shows and broadcasters have to follow these rules.

These rules not only cover harm and offence, but also other areas like impartiality and accuracy, sponsorship and commercial references as well as fairness and privacy.

If we find a programme has broken these rules, then it will be found in breach of the Code and Ofcom will publish this decision. In very serious cases, we will consider further action (e.g. fining a broadcaster).

Ofcom does not watch or listen to programmes before they are broadcast.

If you would like to complain about a programme that has yet to be broadcast, you should contact the broadcaster directly. If the programme has been broadcast and you have concerns about it then you may make a complaint.

To learn more about the complaints process, read our guide on how to complain about a TV or radio programme